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Стихи про сказки - chto-takoe

But Snowdrop grew more and more beautiful and when she was seven years old she was as bright as the day, and fairer than the queen herself. Then the glass one day answered the queen, when she went to look in it as usual:

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In the morning Snowdrop told them all her story and they pitied her, and said if she would keep all things in order, and cook and wash and knit and spin for them, she might stay where she was, and they would take good care of her. Then they went out all day long to their work, seeking for gold and silver in the mountains: but Snowdrop was left at home and they warned her, and said, 8766 The queen will soon find out where you are, so take care and let no one in. 8767

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Then he told her all that had happened, and said, 8766 I love you far better than all the world so come with me to my father 8767 s palace, and you shall be my wife. 8767 And Snowdrop consented, and went home with the prince and everything was got ready with great pomp and splendour for their wedding.

To the feast was asked, among the rest, Snowdrop 8767 s old enemy the queen and as she was dressing herself in fine rich clothes, she looked in the glass and said:

When she heard this she turned pale with rage and envy, and called to one of her servants, and said, 8766 Take Snowdrop away into the wide wood, that I may never see her any more. 8767 Then the servant led her away but his heart melted when Snowdrop begged him to spare her life, and he said, 8766 I will not hurt you, thou pretty child. 8767 So he left her by herself and though he thought it most likely that the wild beasts would tear her in pieces, he felt as if a great weight were taken off his heart when he had made up his mind not to kill her but to leave her to her fate, with the chance of someone finding and saving her.

When she heard this she started with rage but her envy and curiosity were so great, that she could not help setting out to see the bride. And when she got there, and saw that it was no other than Snowdrop, who, as she thought, had been dead a long while, she choked with rage, and fell down and died: but Snowdrop and the prince lived and reigned happily over that land many, many years and sometimes they went up into the mountains, and paid a visit to the little dwarfs, who had been so kind to Snowdrop in her time of need. Слова сказки от переводом и транскрипцией:
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Что такое страсть? Как возникает страсть? В нежели ее содержание? Какая случается увлечение? Какова психология и биология любви?
Итак, хотите разведать что такое? такое Любовь

Я волхатка, ваш покорный слуга колдунья
мои букли рыжи,
дьявол весёлый запутал
на них Парижские крыши,
перепутал на них цвет
Монмартра и Сены
ваш покорный слуга злыдарка, аз многогрешный мегера
штифты мои серы.

Я волховка, автор этих строк ворожея
мои грабки в духе ветви
расплетают, сплетают
желания на петли,
мои щипанцы во перстнях,
и запястья во браслетах,
моя особа шептунья, автор злюка
штифты мои - Лето.

Я портельщица, ваш покорный слуга злюка,
моя особа на любовные веревка
перепутаю растопырки,
перепутаю цедилка,
ваш покорный слуга горячим дыханьем
твой окутаю подлунный мир,
моя особа последним желанием
стану твоим.

Я чертовка, моя особа злюка
и тебе малограмотный покинуть
приманка чародейство во твои
заплела аз многогрешный пути.

Казаков Саша

But this queen died and the king soon married another wife, who became queen, and was very beautiful, but so vain that she could not bear to think that anyone could be handsomer than she was. She had a fairy looking-glass, to which she used to go, and then she would gaze upon herself in it, and say:

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